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What to do about burnout?

I just read an article by Liz Fosslien, published by First Round Capital about how managers can identify, deal with and hopefully prevent burnout in their teams.

The article is so good I wanted to publish it immediately, therefore, no summary.

My quick thoughts -

  1. Burnout is here to stay and it should be one of the top 5 priorities for managers.

  2. Managers - take care of yourselves first. It will make it easier for you to take care of your teams. Think airline emergency videos.

  3. Managers - Managing burnout is about developing new habits and sticking to them. See it as a career-long investment in yourself. It will make you a much better leader of people.

I am the victim of burnout. Have been for a very long time. I know firsthand the effects and impact on a person's performance, mental health, family life, career, and growth. High performers can rise fast, but burn faster. I've learned that slow and steady is the best way to go. You can still deliver on tight deadlines without creating damage.


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