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After two decades as a marketing leader at some of the most groundbreaking global technology companies, I caught the startup bug and built marketing for two $1B startups in NYC as their VP of Marketing.


Today, I am busy developing marketer, a marketing-first enterprise software that runs all marketing work as autonomous processes with a self-driving marketing plan at its core. 

Sounds fantastic, right? I think so.

Every brand deserves to be unique.

Have you noticed how most startups today operate and look the same? Instead of presenting a unique voice and image, most startups miss crucial opportunities by cookie-cutter marketing thinking and practices. 

Are you looking to create a new category? Be a market leader? Then you must focus on what makes you different and your vision of the future. 

My blog and thinking aim to review the fundamentals of successful startup marketing today and discuss how Founders, CMOs, and marketing leaders can fast track their company's growth by doing things right from day one. I also share my thoughts about the world of work, autonomous processes, and introducing intelligent automation in Marketing, recruiting, fundraising, product development, and more.

I hope you will enjoy this journey we will take together.

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