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When it comes to startup marketing, boldness wins.

The fearless CMOs can capture the founders' big vision and understand that strong execution is everything.

I believe anyone can be a marketer. Autonomous software can help build a new marketing culture where everyone participates in the go-to-market efforts and marketers are elevated to the expert resource position they deserve. 

Startup founder, CMO, executive advisor

After two decades as a marketing executive in top tech companies, launching products and building successful marketing teams, I pursued my startup dreams. I launched a CMO-as-a-Service business, consulting for VCs and startup CEOs, before joining as VP of Marketing for Kustomer and Hyperscience and driving their hyper-growth.


My goal now is to revolutionize B2B marketing and help CMOs foster a more cohesive, collaborative, and efficient marketing culture where all teams can contribute. That's why I founded marketer, reinventing the marketing plan with a self-driving software at its core. With marketer, users can easily build a marketing plan by dragging and dropping predefined programs, freeing up marketers from manual tasks and empowering other teams to participate in marketing. marketer unifies all customer-focused teams with a modern, integrated software, leading the way in transforming marketing culture and how companies approach their markets.

Fun facts

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My best ideas come to me while in the shower (a cliche, I know. But true.)


I always wear something red to important meetings. If you see me in red - it means I'm ready for war.


I found I have a hidden passion for product creation. Looking back, I should have been a product manager.


I enjoy taking risks and doing things differently. Challenging the status quo has always been what I'm known for. If you're looking for 'normal' - move on.


I believe in giving second chances. Anyone can make mistakes. It means they're taking risks. My only rule is: "Don't do anything stupid."

What I've been up to in the past few years




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It's build time! I start developing marketer -  the world's first autonomous marketing execution platform. We're on a mission to help companies build a modern marketing culture in the organization, one where everyone can be a marketer and contribute to the scale machine of the company.

I continue my advisory work and help Relativity (the $100M company that acquired TextIQ in 2021) to reposition itself as an AI leader in a new category and launch a refreshed brand to market. 

I take the majority of the year off to recharge and start preparing for the uber-intense work of building a startup from the ground up. 2021 was a year I used to educate myself about building products, pitching VCs and bringing an idea to life. I took a bogus company and software to market and validated a need, recruited advisors and design partners, and created the foundation of atrea.

Hyperscience is re-branded and re-launched to market, worked to secure C, D funding ($140M) with Bessemer Venture Partners and Tiger Global leading the rounds. A new company culture is created.
From here on, the sky's the limit.

Worked with TextIQ (Series A and REDHOT client) to create their marketing org and recruit their first Marketing VP, helping raise its profile and secure an acquisition by Relativity for $130M.

Kustomer is re-branded and re-launched. The marketing team is in place and we secured a Series C ($60M) with Battery Ventures leading the round.

I join Hyperscience as VP of Marketing to create a new category leader and change to bring a more modern approach to automation.

I found and launch REDHOT as my CMO-as-a-Service practice working with a select group of CEOs and founders of early-stage startups to build their marketing function.

Kustomer becomes a REDHOT client and soon after I am asked to join the company as VP of Marketing to help build traction and increase the company's profile in the market in advance of a Series C.

I found and launch \tim-les\ as my pet project, registering natural skincare formulas with the FDA and manufacturing a portfolio of products in my lab for a small list of loyal customers.

I spent the past 20 years - progressively advancing through the management hierarchy - leading the integrated execution for global B2B and B2B2C brands offering SaaS and enterprise-grade solutions and services to a variety of industries, segments, and target audiences. I've demonstrated success in closely collaborating with board members, CEOs, executive leadership, and operators in sales, product and operations functions by creating value.

My core strengths are in transformational change and growth-accelerating leadership, building lean, yet high-performing, marketing teams, and running marketing-excellence-driven operations fueled by strategic insights and focused on the return of the marketing investment.

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